Sorrow Lure

by Wilder Falotico



Time for melodies and hooks of folk metal inspiration!
The current path exploring things besides straight up death metal is taking effect on this new Folk/Celtic/Pagan metal EP!

Heavily inspiration by the Finnish bands "Finntroll" and "Korpiklanni"as well as the Norwegian folk metal band, "TrollFest"

EP includes:
-Epic choir
-Gang chants
-Catchy rhythms and melodies
-Untriggered drums
-An instrumental!


released July 31, 2014

All material written, performed, recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Wilder Falotico.
Lyrics and vocals by Wilder Falotico.

*Additional: Album cover graphics all hand-drawn by John Falotico


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Wilder Falotico Music Chicago, Illinois

Wilder Falotico Music began in October of 2013 with an opening experiment to make 12 EPs in a year, one a month. It was a successful experiement. Now WFM explores other endeavors of music, straying between genres at will in a long, heavy, metal journey. ... more

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Track Name: The Sorrow Lure
The sorrow lure.
The sorrow lure.

One way to enter the shadows.
(Fall through the mist and follow the trees.)

Find the way to waters so shallow.
(Set your stride and come to me!)

The, sorrow, lure.
The, sorrow, lure.

I am the sorrow lure! Master of a sad, sad death disease.
Fog of the sad shall call the weak.

I am the sorrow lure! Master of a sad, sad death disease!
Fog of the weak shall shall drive them mad.

The sorrow lure!

Day of the grief.

The sorrow lure.
Track Name: Moontides
No lyrics in an instrumental.