Church of Cold

by Wilder Falotico



Tired of death metal heavily influenced material, this EP breaks out of that genre and descends back to black metal textures and techniques.

A small EP that draws influence from bands such as:
Immortal, Dissection, Naglfar, Dimmu Borgir, Emperor(Of course), Nachtmystium, and Carach Angren.

-Tremolo picking galore
-Blast beats
-Cavernous reverb
-Frost biting and grim vocals


released May 31, 2014

All material written, performed, recorded, produced and mixed by Wilder Falotico.
Lyrics and vocals on track 1 by Wilder Falotico.

*Mastering by Greg Henkin at ( )

*Lyrics and vocals on track 2 by Justin Essenpreis

*Solo during the 2nd movement of track 1 by Krystofer Grim of "Withering Soul" ( )


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all rights reserved


Wilder Falotico Music Chicago, Illinois

Wilder Falotico Music began in October of 2013 with an opening experiment to make 12 EPs in a year, one a month. It was a successful experiement. Now WFM explores other endeavors of music, straying between genres at will in a long, heavy, metal journey. ... more

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Track Name: Church of Cold, God of Ice
*1st Movement:( "Church of Cold" )


The arms that comfort me are not warm.

I feel the fingers.
Like frosty icicles.

Fingers that grasp my throat, heart, and soul.
My very being.

Blue devil, unlike the one in pages. Source of a personal winter.

Church… of cold!

Organs of freezing doom resound in my head.
Inside god's chilling tomb with temperatures below… Zero!

Fingers that grasp my throat, heart, and soul.
My very being.

The words of your angels are trapped…
By the blue devil, unlike the one in pages.
The source of a personal winter.

*2nd Movement:( "God of Ice" ) at 4:05

The ice is thick.
It is the barrier to the warmth.
Azure light that converts these children.
It is what robs them of their true path, before it is seen.

The ice is not there.
It is the idea that is the prison.

"Inside is safe. Outside is cold."
When it's your ice that holds them back.
They are dead and I mourn them all.
All of the ones who run towards his grasp.

Grim! (Krystofer's Solo)

Church of cold...
God of ice...

Track Name: When You See Me Again, It Won't Be Me
Step Forth and Enter
Into the place Unknown

A Room Without Walls
Piercing Gut-Wrenching Cold

Past the point of turning back

Best get used to walking the path

Don’t try to fight
Accept the night

Every direction you turn
Leads you right back to before

See yourself in front of yourself
But yourself is yourself no more

Don’t bother trying
to figure out what it all means

Just be assured
The owls are not what they seem

The Time has come…
The only thing worse than death is not to die
The Time has come…
Don’t look to… the sky

The Time has come…
Relinquish all control
The Time has come…
The spirit of him becomes your soul

Go Forth and Exit
Into Reality

No Room, No Walls, No Nothing
To guide you on this Journey

The Door to Yourself.

He Now Holds the key.

The owls will come home to roost.

Just you wait and see.